Facts About Anne Hutchinson


Each Day at school a new fact about Anne Hutchinson is read over the PA System

1.) Anne Marbury (Anne’s name before she was married) was born in Alford, England in 1591.

2.) When she was 14 years old she moved with her parents and brothers and sister to the city of London.

3.) Anne’s father, Francis, was a minister who taught Anne about religion and encouraged her to learn as much as she could.

4.) Anne married William Hutchinson, a cloth seller and sheep farmer from her home town of Alford when she was 21 years old.

5.) Anne learned from her mother and other woman how to act as a nurse and midwife (helper of women who are giving birth

6.)Anne moved back to Alford with her husband William and had her first child in 1613. She named her first son, Edward.

7.) Anne continued being very interested in religion and found a minister she greatly enjoyed listening to minister John Cotton.

8.) Anne decided to hold her own religious meetings at her home and invited women to attend.

9.) Anne eventually gave birth to 15 children although 3 of her children died at early ages.


10.)Anne continued to help out women with childbirth as well as to treat various illnesses and diseases in her community.

11.)Anne came to believe that many of the ministers in her community were wrong about their ideas about God and being a holy person. Many of these ministers were angry with Anne for preaching to others about her beliefs









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