Early Dismissals, Delayed Openings, Emergency Closings, Cancellation of School

Notification Procedures
The District will use its automated phone system to call each student’s home or emergency phone numbers in the event of a delayed opening/early dismissal/school closing. Note that these contact numbers are not the same as Medical Emergency Contacts.
1. Advance Notice Notification
In the case of expected inclement weather or other anticipated situations, calls will be made the evening before or early on the morning of a delayed opening, early dismissal or closure. Calls will be made to the student home number (or the number that the parent/guardian listed as the primary contact number).
2. Unanticipated Emergency Notification
An emergency may occur during the course of the school day and one or all schools may have to be closed early (e.g. in the case of deteriorating weather, power outage, heat outage, etc.).
In this case, calls will be made to the contact number listed on your Early Dismissal Contact Information forms. It is essential that the District has a valid and current early dismissal contact number on file. All families should have an emergency dismissal plan that your child is familiar with.

Release Procedures
Early dismissal of students will generally follow this schedule:
 High School/Middle School 10:15 am
 Greenvale 10:30 am
 Anne Hutchinson 11:15 am
 Waverly 11:15 am

Note: It is possible that these times could differ, depending on the situation. You will be notified if the release time differs from the above.
For the elementary schools, please note that students must be released to a designated adult as follows:
Bus children: Students will be placed on their regular school buses. A parent, neighbor or guardian designated to meet your child (must be over 18 years of age) must be waiting at the bus stop or at home to accept the child when he/she arrives.

Walkers: Students who are picked up will be released at the school to their parents/guardians/designees at the early dismissal time. Please be there promptly.

Unusual Circumstances: When possible, parents should send in a note to the teacher if the release of the student is different from the normal routine.

In the event of an early dismissal/school closing or cancellation, the following also generally occurs:

No late buses
No after school or evening activities (including the EASY after school program at Anne Hutchinson)
Note: If your child attends the Woodlot Christian School Daycare Program or the Lincoln Academy, check with that program to determine if it is open. If it is open, transportation will be provided as usual.

Where to Find Information
In addition to the phone calls from the District, information will be on the Eastchester School District web site and the District cable stations (78/24), when possible.
Other sources of information:
WHUD (100.7 FM)
WFAS (1230AM & 103.9 FM)
WCBS (880 AM)
Cablevision Channel 12
The Journal News Website

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