Nurse's Corner


Fever- If your child has a fever, he or she should not come to school. A child should remain home 24 hours after the fever has ceased.

Cold & Cough- If your child has a bad cold and cough and /or a persistent runny nose, he or she should remain at home until symptoms subside. Sneezing and coughing will spread a cold very quickly.  Colds are most contagious the first 3 days.

Rash- Please consult your physician if your child has a rash. A doctor’s note is required for any rash other than eczema. For example, impetigo and 5th disease are rashes that need a doctor’s note. Specific restrictions regarding rashes differ. I can discuss this with you on an as needed basis.

Vomiting or  Diarrhea- Child should remain at home if he has been up with these symptoms during the previous day or night.

Conjunctivitis- (pink eye) – Child should stay home if he or he is diagnosed with conjunctivitis until there is no discharge and the eye no longer appears pink. If the child is diagnosed with allergic conjunctivitis (which is not contagious) a doctor’s note is required.

Strep- If you are waiting for the results of a strep test do not send your child to school until you have negative results. Children should be on antibiotics for at least 24 hours before returning to school.

Contagious Diseases- Please notify me if your child has been diagnosed with the following diseases: chicken pox, scarlet fever, strep, ringworm, impetigo, conjunctivitis, 5th disease, coxsackie virus and lice.

Parents are asked to call the nurse’s office in the morning when they decide to keep their child at home. The child’s name and reason for absence should be stated. If there are any questions please call me at 793-6130 ext 5111.

                                                                         Thank you,

                                                                          Linda Scovotti R.N., school nurse


Last modified: Friday, December 8, 2017, 10:05 AM