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These are just some of the great musicians who are currently making jazz and rock music with a bow. I hope you'll click the links to their Cds by clicking on the Cd image, where you can hear samples of their music (legally!) online. Click on the links for the artist's websites. Many have free sound samples!

I took most of the photos on this page at the American String Teacher's Conference in February. Notice how the current group of Jazz Violinists all know each other, and appear on each other's CDs. And, since the conference, they all know JJ, too!

Danny Seidenberg Website
Mark Wood performing at the ASTA national conference in February. The audience was screaming!
Mark Wood's Website: www.woodviolins.com
Geoffrey Fitzhugh Perry and Tracy Silvermann

Danny Seidenberg

Mark Wood

Tracy Silvermann

(I was a student of Danny's at a jazz workshop 3 summers ago).
markfitzGeoffrey Fitzhugh Perry and Mark Wood (Not Mrs. Greene's photo)
Geoffrey's Website


JJ sanding his Mark Wood Batwing Electric Violin in Mark's shop on lond island. (Not Mrs. Greene's photo)
JJ's Jazz Violin Website


Turtle Island String Quartet:

Fiddlejam Website


JJ and Darol having fun in the lobby at the ASTA conference in February.

Tracy Silvermann: Trio to the Sun
Daryl Anger: Diary of a Fiddler


Darol Anger, Danny Seidneberg and Tracy Silverman in a rare informal reunion of three previous Turtle Island String Quartet members.

(From Mrs. Greene's conference in February)

Come back to see additional musicians as I post them!
More to come!

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