These are the materials all beginners in the Eastchester Orchestra Program will need in September.

violin and bow

You can rent an instrument and obtain these materials at the store that I recommended in your sign up papers.

Buying the damage/loss insurance is a good idea. Also, I do not recommend enrolling in a "Rent-To-Own" program. The final cost is never clearly specified, and neither is the quality of the instrument you will own. I recommend a regular 1 year rental every time. Do not purchase instruments for 3rd graders. You nave no recourse if it breaks or just plain doesn't work. If you are being talked into buying as a beginner, please read my famous "How To Buy A Violin" letter.

strictly strings book

Suzuki Viola Cd

Strictly Strings Book 1 for your instrument

Suzuki Viola Cd: Even violinists buy the Viola CD.

suzuki cello cd

Cellists buy the Cello CD

In February, we'll need the Suzuki 1 Book for your instrument.

suzuki book

We do not buy any new books in the 4th or 5th grades.

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