What is Ms. Daitch reading?

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom,  The Hero's Guide to Storming The Castle,  The Hero's Guide to Being an Outlaw

by Christopher Healey

These three books take the male Princes from popular fairy tales, give them names, personalities and a story of their own.  The band of princes get into all sorts of adventures, with and without their princesses.  These books are fun for kids who like fairy tales, turned on their ear.


Finding Serendipity and A Week Without Tuesday , by Angelica Banks (not really)

These are two books in a fantasy series about a famous writer, Serendipity and her daughter, Tuesday.   I feel that these books are perhaps unique in their approach to storytelling.  The authors use the idea of authors actually going off into the ether while they write.  Sometimes they get stuff and don't make it back.  Sometimes there are dangers in the worlds about which they write that they get caught up in.  I was really intrigued by these fantasies.  I recommend these books!

Twelve Kinds of Ice by Ellen Obed. 

This is a beautifully written book that describes how ice changes during the year and its relationship with the author's family.

Ain't Nothing But a Man by Scott Reynolds Nelson

This is an EXCELLENT example of how writing an information text evolves, by following leads  and carefully researching a topic.  There is much to learn from this book!

Found--The Missing Series, Book 1, by Margaret Haddix

I love this book.  A plane lands at the airport, no pilot is found, the witnessesd who saw it come in are discredited and babies are found, alone, on the plane.  What a wonderful set up to a fabulous science fiction series!


One Year In Coal Harbor by Polly Horvath

Polly Horvath writes unexpected books.  She is truly a treasure!   In this story Primose's parents are possibly dead at sea, although Primrose does not believe this is their fate.  Primrose is sent to live with a neighbor until her uncle comes to town.  The story has all sorts of interesting twists and turns, recipes for each chapter, and a happy ending.  Delicious! Other books that we have by Polly include Everything On A Waffle and My One Hundred Adventures.


Noah Webster and His WordJerri Ferris

This is a very nicely written picture book biography about the dictionary giant, Noah Webster. 


The Chronicles of Harris Burdick 14 Amazing Authors Tell The Tales

In 1984, Chris Van Allsburg gave us The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a book with full page pictures with captions.  In 2011, 14 authors wrote stories that explain these weird pictures.  It's all very interesting!!



The Girl Who Owned A City by O. T. Nelson

In this dystopia, everyone over the age of  12 is dead.  Lisa organizes the children in her town, finds a place to live, and brings order to their chaotic lives.



Curse of the Night Wolf by Paul Stewart

I just started reading this.  It has a wonderful 1st chapter that just draws you in.  You must read the book to find out how the main character came to find himself in this situation .

Camo Girl by Magoon, Kekla

This is a story about three 6th graders, all of whom have had something happen to their dads.  Two are bound together in order to survive middle school.  The third comes in as a new student and then everything falls apart. I really can't say more about the book, except it is very sad and poignant.  Let's see who will read this.

The Dragon of Trillian by Michelle Knudsen

Although Michelle is mainly known for her picture books, most notably Library Lion, she also writes books for an older audience. This book has a feisty heroine, magic, and a dragon. It's a little lovey dovey, but a thoroughly enjoyable read.  And it's primed for a sequel.

The Glorious Adventures of the Sunshine Queen

by Geraldine McCaughrean

This book is EXCEEDINGLY funny with lots of sly humor. A trio of 12 year old students go down the Mississippi to rendevous with their old school teacher who is now an actress on a paddleboard. I think that this is my newest favorite book.

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer

You know you have a winner when the cover is covered with award medals. Wow! This book has action, terror, clones, orphans,etc. Unfortunately, after reading it, I realized that it doesn't fit on the elementary shelves. I sent it on to the middle/high school. It happens.


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