Birthday Book Program:

How To:


We have BIRTHDAY BOOKS on hand in our library so that you may make your
donation selection conveniently in our school. These books are
priced at 20% off of the retail cost and are items that we would like to add to our
library collection. Please send CASH to the library for your donation. Also
let us know what you would like to include on the bookplate. If you would like for
your child to pick his/her own book from our selection, have your child
ask the library staff to show your child our birthday books.
After you've decided what book you want, let us know what you'd like for the
bookplate to say. Here is an example of a typical bookplate, but you may say

anything (within reason) on your child's bookplate.

Happy 9th Birthday

November 23, 2017

Megan Manheim

Mom, Dad, James, and Fluffy

Here is our current birthday list from which you may choose your birthday book.


Merrie Daitch

Birthday Books November 2019
 Mary Pope Osbourne Magic Tree House #32 To the future Ben Franklin! 2-4 $11.20
Carolyn Crimi Weird Little Robots 2-4 $13.60
Susan Verde I am Yoga 2-5 $12.00
Beverly Bass Me and the Sky 2-5 $14.40
Randy Cecil Douglas 2-5 $16.00
Aimee Reid You are My Friend 2-5 $14.40
Nic Bishop Big Cats 2-5 $14.40
Nick Seluk

The Brain is Kind of a Big Deal

2-5 $14.40
Sonia Sotomayor Just Ask: Be Different, Be Brave, Be You 2-5 $14.40
Calef Brown Up Verses and Down: Poems, Paintings and Serious Nonsense 2-5 $16.00
Larissa Theule Born to Ride: A Story about Bicycle Face 2-5 $14.40
Michael j. Rosen and Becca Stadtlander The Greatest Table 2-5 $16.00
Tara Lazer The Upper Case: Trouble in Capital City 2-5 $14.40
Helen Ward King of the Birds 2-5 $14.40
Andrea Zuilli Sweety 2-5 $14.40
Bake It: More than 150 Recipies for Kids 3-5 $20.00
Johnny Marciano and Emily Chenoweth Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat #2 3-5 $12.00
James Patterson The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever 4-5 $11.20
Trenton Lee Stewart The Mysterious Benedict Society #4 4-5 $15.20
Jennifer L. Holm The Third Mushroom 4-5 $13.60
Korwin Briggs Gods and Heroes: Mythology Around the World 4-5 $15.95
Nel Patrick Harris Magic Misfits: The Second Story 4-5 $13.60
Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead Bob 4-5 $13.60
Stjart Gibbs Spy School Goes South 4-5 $14.40









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