How to Find a lost book

Where was the last place you remember having the book?

Describe the book: how big? colors? thick or thin?

What do you remember about the cover?

Is it hardcover or paperback?

If you're not sure, ask us..

Check where you keep your other books. Our books have a white spine label.

(Check all the books turned around backwards and

behind other books on the bookshelf)

Where to Look:

In the car (also check under the seats)

Under the baby's car seat

In the trunk of the car

Under the spare tire

In the other car

Around the House:

In the garage

Behind or under the washing machine or dryer

In the stroller bag

In the recycling bin

In my folder or binder

In my backpack. In my other backpack.

In my sibling's backpacks

On top of the piano-- In the piano bench

Ask the housekeeper

In the reclining chair (between the arm and the seat


Under or in back of the sofa (also check under


Under (or on top of) the kitchen (or dining room)


Behind the refrigerator (fell off of the top)

In the freezer

On top of, behind, or under the oven & dishwasher

On my bedroom bookshelf

On one of the other bookshelves

On/in my desk at home. Check sibling's desk

Under my bed. Under my sister or brother's bed

Between my sheets at the foot of my bed

Between my bed and the wall

Between the mattress and box springs

In the trundle bed. In the crib

On top or behind the dresser

In the dresser drawers

In the closet (check all closets)

Under the dirty clothes

In the toy box

In the bathroom

On the back porch

In the dog house

In the tree house

In the back yard

In the basement

Packed with the Christmas decorations.

Under the TV set stand

On top of the VCR/DVD player or stereo

In the magazine rack or on the coffee table

Under the rug

Around town:

At the doctor's or dentist's office

At the local public library !!

At the church/temple/mosque library

At the babysitter's, grandma's, daycare/after school


At my friend's house (we did homework together)

At my other parent's house

At Mom or Dad's work place

Wherever we went on errands recently (bank, etc.)

On the boat, airplane, train

At School:

On the school bus; at the bus stop

On the classroom or teacher's bookshelf

In my neighbor's or friend's desk (ask their

permission first)

Way back on the top shelf of my school locker

In the cafeteria, gym, band room, etc.

At the school office

At the school office or library where my older or

younger sibling attends school.

Ask teacher. Maybe s/he returned it when I was sick.

Ask the librarian - maybe it's on the school library

shelf - got put away without being checked in.

In the school library "Hospital" box - maybe it's

being mended

At the "Lost and Found" barrel/box/bin

Ask friends if they've seen it


Happy Hunting!

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