Circulation Policy for the Anne Hutchinson Elementary School Library-Information Center

A library is a place for caring and sharing. In order for everyone to be able to enjoy all of its resources, students must both check out AND return their books in a timely fashion. Doing so will help all of us enjoy the

Anne Hutchinson Library to its fullest.

Checking Out:

Students in the second and third grades may take out three books a week.

Students in the fourth and fifth grades may take out four books a week.

If students finish reading their books before the week is over, their teacher may send them to return the books that they have and check out more books.

Checking In:

For all students, all books are due in during their scheduled class time. Students who have no more than one book out are allowed to check out other books. Students may renew books. Renewed books must be brought to library class.

Special Note: If students are assigned a book report or class project, all students may check out books for the project, whether or not they have overdue books. Students keep these "assignment books" for the duration of their project. These books are due in on the next library class--after their assignment due date.

Lost and Damaged Books

Accidents happen. If students lose or damage books, they must pay for the books. The library assesses the following charges:

Paperback Books--The cover price of the book--unless an exact replacement can be procured.

Hardcover Books- The cover price of the book.

If you pay for a book and find it during that same school year, return the book before the last week of school for a refund.


And finally, just good advice:

Take a look at what your child is reading every week.  Make sure that your student reads with you as much as possible! It pays off, both in terms of academics and the good feelings this generates within  the family. I know of a parent who read with her child well into middle school.  They enjoyed all sorts of nonfiction together as her son progressed through school.  Her child became a valedictorian at EHS. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you'd like to see the collection.  I'd be happy to go over the online catalog with you or discuss any  of your concerns .  Our library phone number is 793-6130 X5114.  If you need to contact me during the 2nd and 4th quarters when I'm at Greenvale, call me at ext. 5306.

Merrie Daitch, Your Anne Hutchinson Librarian

Last modified: Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 1:38 PM