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    Second Grade

    We have started off with another wonderful year ready to 
    learn many new and exciting things!

    English Language Arts
    Each of the five second grade classes works very hard on their balanced literacy approach to reading and writing. We focus on guided reading groups, literacy centers, and writer’s workshop. We also keep track of reading minutes through a log the students keep each night. Throughout the year, we celebrate our reading accomplishments. 


    We work on a variety of units throughout the year in math. They include: Addition and Subtraction, Graphing, Place Value, Measurement, Telling Time, Fractions, Geometry, Rounding, Estimating, Introduction to Multiplication and Division, and Money. Through whole class and small group hands-on activities, the second graders are certainly becoming quite the mathematicians. 

    Social Studies
    Throughout the year in second grade, we will study all of the major holidays. We are also going to learn about rural, suburban, and urban communities. To learn more about the parts of our community we will visit places like the Eastchester Police Station. It’s so important to have real life experiences like these! 

    We focus on three major units in Science:
    The Human Body and Nutrition
    States of Matter
    Life Cycles of Insects