Topic outline

  • General

  • Topic 1


    Students are starting to multiply and divide. For extra practice with the facts visit Mr. Rich's Kids' Corner above.

  • Topic 2

    In ELA students are reading and writing from the heart.

    To help your child choose a book that's just right follow these instructions:

    Does this topic interest you?

    Can you read or figure out almost all the words? Use the five finger rule.

    Do you like the illustrations?

    Can you understand what you are reading?

    Are you reading the text smoothly without stopping to sound out unfamiliar words?

    Every day we have writer's workshop. During this time we discusswhat good writers do, study good writing, write and share our writing with eachother. We have been collecting ideas and writing about them in our writer's notebook.

    • Topic 3

      Aimant is the french word for "magnet". It also means affection! Two things drawn to each other!

      • Topic 4

        In social studies students are learning map skills, so you can let them start driving around town soon!

        We are also keeping up to date on current affairs with Time for Kids. Check it out.

        • Topic 5


          In third grade students learn how to write in cursive.