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    Congratulations to all of you on a fantastic concert!  Well Done! 
    The remaining rehearsals for the school year are for 4th Grade Band members ONLY!!  The 5th Grade Band members do not need to attend anymore morning rehearsals. 
    All 4th Grade Band members are expected to attend Monday and Wednesday rehearsals until the last week of school.  You will be performing for the 5th Grade Award Ceremony and the 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony.  Letters will be sent home to remind you of the times and dress code.
    The 4th Grade Band Members are winning our last practice marathon!  Fifth Grade members, remember, the winning grade will receive an ice cream party during recess sometime in June!  If the 5th grade band wants to win the competition, you must step up your practice times!  You will not be invited to the party unless you have turned in at least 300 practice minutes from April 23-June 1, on your practice journal, with an adult signature.  That's at least 50 minutes a week.  Any beginners that are in fifth grade will be contributing to the fifth grade total, NOT the fourth grade total.  If there is a tie, both grades will receive a party.
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    music notes

    Welcome to Beginning Band!

    The Beginning Band is for 4th and 5th grade students who do not have experience playing a band instrument. The band instruments include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone,
    and percussion (drums).

    The beginning band is now meeting on both Mondays AND Wednesdays in the morning for rehearsals!  Please make sure you attend both rehearsals!
    On May 23rd, the third grade students will be attending a demonstration of the instruments.  If they are interested in playing in the band next year, they should take a letter about signing up!  In June, anyone who has returned the bottom portion of the letter will be called to the auditorium, during one recess time, to try the different instruments and make a decision about what they will play in fourth grade. 
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    happy notes

    Welcome to Concert Band!

    The Concert Band includes fifth grade band members who have had at least one year of experience playing their instrument.
    All band members should be attending both Monday AND Wednesday morning rehearsals!  Please make sure you attend both days.

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    rainbow music

    Music 5

    Welcome to Fifth Grade Music Class! We're going to do a lot of fun stuff this year! I've put a couple of web site links to some orchestras organizations below. They have some fun games that you may enjoy! The New York Philharmonic Orchestra has some great games that we may try to use in class!
    April is Jazz Appreciation Month!  We will be learning jazz terms, styles, and performers.  There will even be a special "webquest" for you to do at home with your parents for an extra special surprise!
    We are preparing to sing for Moving Up Day, and World of Difference Day.  The songs you need to learn are:  Time of My Life, Anne Hutchinson Song, and One Voice.  Each time you come to class, we will sing at least one, or more of these songs.