Important Reminders

ARRIVAL PROCEDURES – Thank you for following our procedures at arrival! When dropping off students by car, please make sure your child exits the vehicle along the curb whenever possible. Please remember that students are not to be dropped off before 8:15 AM. There is no supervision until that time. Please know that your cooperation on these matters will help ensure the safety of our children.

LATE ARRIVAL - If your child arrives late, he or she must get a late pass from the front desk before going to their classroom.

DISMISSAL PROCEDURES – Please note that there is no supervision after 3:00 PM. Also, please refrain from signing out your children after 2:45 PM or asking for them to come off of the bus at the front desk after 2:45 PM.

CHANGE IN DISMISSAL ROUTINE – If your child must leave early for any reason, we need a note written to the teacher’s attention the morning of the change in dismissal. It must be dated and signed. Email or voicemail will not be accepted as a change of dismissal routine notification.

ATTENDANCE - Out of concern for your children, please call (914)793-6130 ext. 5111 EVERY time your child is not in attendance. You will reach a recording asking you to leave the first and last name of your child, date, class and reason for absence. If a student is absent without a parent calling, Mrs. Petrone will call the family. The absence must be followed by a note upon return to school indicating why your child was absent. We hope to insure the health and welfare of all children with these increased communications and precautions.

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